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Tanzania Travel Tips

12 Things you should know before traveling to Tanzania

 1: How to get into Tanzania

Several major airlines fly into Tanzania- KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), Condor Airlines and Ethiopian Airways fly into lands at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA/JRO) and Dar es salaam International Airport (DIA) daily. British Airways and Swiss Airlines lands at DIA at least twice a week.
Other airlines operating flights to Tanzania are South African Airlines (SAA), Emirates, YEMENAIR, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, and Kenya Airways.

 2: Immigration Requirements

An onward ticket and sufficient funds are required when entering Tanzania.
Visas are required for all visitors except citizens of the Commonwealth, Scandinavian countries and the Republic of Ireland.
Visas are easy to obtain at any Tanzanian embassy abroad, the Visa fee is dependent on the type of passport held.
A visitor’s pass which can be obtained free from any Tanzanian diplomatic mission or point of entry is required for all travelers. It is advisable to get one before you leave home.

 3: Health

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is essential if arriving from yellow fever infected areas and anti-malaria tablets are also recommended.

Travelers are advised to take their prescribed drugs a few days prior to arrival, during their stay, and for a short period after returning.

It is also necessary to boil or sterilize all local drinking water and milk and cook or peel vegetables.
Private health insurance is recommended.

4: Currency/Exchanging Money

There is no restriction on the importation of foreign currency. Under no circumstances should travelers change money in the streets – no matter what rate is advertised- as the chance are you will be cheated.
Travelers are encouraged to exchange money at a Bureau de Change, which offer better rates than banks.

 5: To tip or not to tip, that is the question

Tipping is not obligatory, instead it is left to the discretion of the visitor.

6: You get what you pay for 

Beware of the ‘dodgy’ tour operators who advertise unbelievably cheap prices as you may be disappointed by sub-standard services, poor accommodation and inadequate tour vehicles. Accept the standard prices and research different companies to find a reputable tour operator.

7: Street Smarts

It is not recommended that foreign travelers walk unaccompanied at night in poorly –lit streets or along deserted streets. Always travel in groups and ride only in registered taxis.

8: Insurance

You are strongly advised to have your own insurance cover to cover baggage, personal accident and medical expenses.

9: Take a walk on the Wild Side

Tanzania offers travelers a number of adventure activities including: –

  • Safaris, wildlife safaris, night game drive safaris and canoeing safaris

  • Climbing, trekking, and mountaineering: Channel you inner explorer by conquering Mountains Kilimanjaro, Meru and Oldonyo Lengai

  • Walking Safaris and bird watching

  • Beach holidays: Tours to Zanzibar island, Mafia island, Dare salaam and Pangani Tanga coast offer a number of beach activities including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin watching, fishing and water sports.

  • Cultural Tourism: Learn the customs and traditions of the local people in Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater and Chagga near Mount Kilimanjaro.


When shopping in streets bazaars, travelers should always bargain. However some prices e.g in restaurants are fixed and you could be mistaken for a miser if you start haggling.


It never gets really cold in Tanzania so light weight clothing is the norm. On safari avoid brightly coloured clothes they may alarm the animals. Browns, beiges and
khaki are preferred. Short sleeve shirts/blouses and shorts are deal, but pack a sweater: it can be chilly in the early morning and in the Evening.

Wear a hat to avoid sunstroke and don’t forget a swimsuit. Shoes should be sensible – walking through the bush is not like strolling through Hyde park and for climbing Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru take thermal underwear, a rain jacket. good Socks and sturdy boots. Short for women are acceptable but not too short. Women should carry a wrap to cover their legs in towns or villages as revealing clothes can cause offence, especially in Zanzibar and other Muslim areas. On the beach, and within the confines of beach hotels, normal swimmer is acceptable but nudity certainly is not


Don’t forget the camera, camcorder and binoculars and take a torch for finding your way around your camp at night. Stock up with replacement batteries for all these goods. Take sunglasses, hat, sun lotion, lip balm and some insect repellant. It is better not to get stung even if you are taking ant- malaria tablets. It’s best to take any medicines required for the duration of the visit. A spare pair of glasses or contact lenses is also a good idea. Take plenty of films; it is difficult to obtain outside the main centres, while traveler’s cheques can be exchanged in cities and towns. Banking facilities in remote areas are restricted, so take plenty of cash.

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ELCT Building (Ground Floor), Boma Road – Arusha Tanzania

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