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EasternSun safari did an excellent job in listening to what we wanted and helping us plan our trip. Mercy is extremely knowledgeable about Tanzania and gave us great advice. they handled every detail of our trip. They cared about our needs and did their possible to accomodate us.

They are very available and exchanged more 70 emails as we perfected the ideal itinerary for our interests. They took care of everything, and did more than the necessary. They were like friends and family and not only our tour guides. As an example, they were very involved in finding our luggage in our misadventure, they gave us a cell phone because ours wasn’t working, they took us to an authentic restaurant……

We had an amazing and memorable trip. They are not the oldest compagny in Tanzania but by far one of the best. Mercy has more that 15 years of experience in the field and knows what is best for you. They were very professional, respected the itinerary and were very ponctual.
I recommend Eastern Sun Safari to all people wanting to have a memorable and best experience !



Valerie, Edmonton Canada

Dear All,
I just wanted to let you know that we had a safe flight back to Canada and give you a feedback on our safari.
First of all: thank you so much for this fantastic trip! Everything was organized perfectly. It was the most wonderful experience. Especially the team was incredible. They made the experience a very personal and memorable one. From the first moment we felt welcomed and taken care of!

Our guides were incredibly knowledgeable and always eager to explain the local culture or whatever plant or animal we passed along the way.

Jackson was an excellent driver and a very observant guide. Most of the times he spotted animals long before other drivers/ guides could make them out! Always thinking one step ahead of what the animals were likely to do next – so that we were always in the perfect position to watch. Even after so many years of experience you could feel his passion for the animals and nature. His knowledge of the wildlife isn’t just absolutely incredible! His enthusiasm made this trip an unforgettable experience for us.

Dani was incredible as well. We learned so much about the just by listening to him on our walk past the villages. And he got never tired of our many, many questions…

Richard provided us with excellent food day by day – even in the most remote areas he managed to whip up a delicious three-course-dinner.

Before the trip I had a hard time deciding which company to book with. In the end it was your untiring patience in answering all of my questions and changing the itinerary again and again that led to my decision. Now, after the trip I can only say that this was the best decision!!

So: a great ASANTE SANA to Eastern Sun and we will definitely recommend you to our friends! Please say thank you to the guys from us.

Warmest regards,
Edmonton Canada

Mike Orman

Thank you guys, we would like to point that mrs. Laizer was our point-of-contact as we planned a safari and hike up Kilimanjaro. Naturally when our flight to Africa was cancelled at the last minute (leading to a 2 day delay to our arrival) mrs. Laizer was among our first phone calls. The same applied when our bags didn’t make the same delayed flight and were lost for nearly 6 days. laizer handled both situations calmly and was able to juggle schedules and make everything work out in the end. She was positive, responsive, and creative in her approach to addressing our various delays.

The safari and hike were both great, however, without the help and
support of mrs. laizer none of this could have happened for us.
Our adventure continues as we travel around the world yet I don’t
expect this level of customer service or professionalism for the remainder of our trip.

Thank you for hiring high quality office staff. She was as
important to us as any of the field talent. We will sing praises of

Eastern Sun safaris and laizer to friends, family, and anyone listening on the Internet.

Best regards,

Mike Orman

Melanie Matthew,USA

Dear Saimon,

I just wanted to send an email to thank you and all the other Eastern sun staff we worked with (Arnold, John, etc.). We all really enjoyed our trip. We truly appreciate how accommodating you guys was, whether it was a quick change in plans like coming down Kili early or needing transport from one place to the next. If we have any friends looking to visit Tanzania, we will definitely send them your way, we all really enjoyed ourselves and were more than happy to have booked our trip with you.

Thanks to you specifically for always being so responsive on email.

And I would give all our guides from this last trip (John, Arnold) friendliness, professionalism and fun!

Melanie Matthew

Ellen Buzanoski FL, USA

Dear Saimon,
I wanted to take the time to tell you what a wonderful time my daughters and I had on our safari….we saw so many animals…it was beyond what I had ever imagined…much more than my prior trip to Kenya…the accommodations were wonderful and the arrangements perfect…everything happened the way it was planned.

I think the best part of our trip was our guide Larip…he was so nice and so knowledgeable, he was able to both spot animals and tell us about their behavior and what they were doing….He went above and beyond to make our trip memorable and to make our wishes come true… He was professional, polite, courteous and just nice to be with….Thanks so much for your work in arranging this “Trip of a Lifetime”…and my best to Larip….

Ellen Buzanoski

I. Arnold

Dear All,

Hi Mercy,
Simon Sorry it has taken me so long to contact you. I have finally settled back into my home life and caught up on things at work so can now send you the email I promised. Firstly, let me say how wonderful the trip was and how impressed I was with the service both You and Simon gave and of your new operation.

I would also like to make particular mention that during the trekking side of the trip Arnold , Aloyce, Dixon and Julius were exemplary in their roles. Ilboru Lodge offered excellent facilities and was a delightful place to have as a base plus the owner’s, Art & his wife were both talented chefs and wonderful hosts. Also the clients also really enjoyed the experience at Wild Palm camp site, near Tarangerie. Mercy and Simon, I will definately be recommending Eastern Sun Tours & Safari’s in the highest possible way

I. Arnold

James and Victoria Rowlandson

Dear All,

We are delighted to tell you that we have nothing but good things to say about Mercy and Eastern Sun Tours. We booked a 5 night, 4 day safari in the Ngorogoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania around October 2010. This safari was the highlight of a 8 week trip through Africa .

We found the company to be very friendly, helpful, honest and professional in all the dealings we had with them. Mercy speaks very good English and it was clear her main concern was that we had the best experience possible. Our company guide also spoke good English, was very knowledgeable and was actually the best guide we had over the several trips and safaris we did while in Africa .

The price Eastern Sun Tours offered was extremely competitive and we received everything and more than we expected. From our experience they seemed very honest and we would not hesitate to recommend them to you and any of our own family or friends visiting Tanzania .


James and Victoria Rowlandson


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